Friday, October 15, 2010

Aspen Height Status Update (October 15,2010)

Aspen Heights activity at the site:

1.) steel tank (For awarding)

2.) Perimeter fence (Bid On Going- For Awarding)

3.) Clubhouse ( processing permit )

4.) Veco ( processing plan and estimate )

5.) Water and drainage(on going construction)

6.) Landscape Maintenance (On going)

7.) Model houses (Bidding)

Other Interesting news:

SM will build a mall in Consolacion, Cebu (Click Here for more details).  This means that Aspen Heights is just around 3-4 kms from a major mall.  If you want to have a site tour, just call (032) 582-1418 or 0922-8334561. 

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  1. it's nice to know about the developments! more power!