Thursday, March 8, 2012

Payment Schemes: House and Lot (Arielle)

House Price: 2,673,000.00
Lot Price: 576,000.00
Total Selling Price: 3,249,000.00

Scheme 1: 20-80 (20% Down payment (DP) payable in 18 months without interest; balance paid via Bank Financing (BPI, Robinsons Bank, Metrobank)) - Buyers can opt to pay the D/P in a shorter period of time (e.g. 1 month, 6 months or 1 year)

Total Selling Price: 3,249,000.00
20% DP: 650,000.00
Reservation Fee: 40,000.00
Balance on DP: 610,000.00
Monthly DP: 33,888.89
Miscellaneous Fees:
House: 2,970.00
Lot: 1,280.00
Total monthly payment: 38,138.89 To be paid monthly for 18 months (First payment is 30 days after reservation)
Balance for loan: 2,599,000.00

Scheme 2: Deferred Cash (Pay the property via 24 monthly installments at Zero interest)

Total Selling Price: 3,249,000.00
Reservation Fee: 40,000.00
Balance: 3,209,000.00
Monthly Payment: 133,708.33

Miscellaneous Fees:
House: 2,227.50
Lot: 960.00
Total Monthly Payment: 136,895.83 To be paid monthly for 24 months (First payment is 30 days after reservation) - The House and Lot is fully paid after 2 years

Scheme 3: Cash

Total Selling Price: 3,249,000.00
Discount: 259,920.00
Net Price: 2,989,080.00
Reservation Fee: 40,000.00
Balance: 2,949,080.00
Miscellaneous Fees:
House: 49,183.20
Lot: 21,196.80
Total Due: 3,019,460.00 To be paid 7 days after paying the reservation fee

*All figures are deemed as the final computations will be given Robinsons Homes upon reservation

The Arielle model is ready for occupancy. A buyer can only move-in only after paying everything or securing a letter of guarantee from the bank (20-80 scheme). Another RFO unit available is the Winnie. Aurora and Simba units are currently under construction.

For more questions about our different payments schemes and other inquiries about Aspen Heights Subdivision, you may email: or text 0922-8334561. You may also schedule your site tour to see the actual subdivision and model unit by emailing or texting the contact details above.


  1. the cash scheme showed a discount, now does that same percentage apply to any house model as long as its paid in cash?

  2. Yes. The rate is 8% if paid within 7 days upon reservation or 6% within 30 days after reservation.

  3. good 8% does make a difference. pls explain further what the miscellanous fees entail and how its being computed. thanks.

  4. For the lot, the misc. fees are 4%. This is for the titling and pre-delivery expenses of the subdivision lot.

    For the house, it is around 2% which will fees for permits and other pre-construction expenses.

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