Friday, June 1, 2012

Rainy Season New Promo: 2% Off on Lot Prices until September 2012

Rainy season has come and Robinsons Homes is slashing 2% off the prices of lots in Aspens Heights Subdivision.  If you reserve from June 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012, you will be given a special 2% discount on standard payment schemes (20-80, 24 months deferred cash, spot down payment or spot cash payment).  Should you decide to pay in cash, you will receive the 2% discount on top of the standard cash discounts.

Robinsons Homes likewise extended the deferred cash scheme from 24 months to 36 months for those who want to enjoy longer interest free payments.  You can now pay for your lot in 36 monthly installments without INTEREST.  For more and information about our newest exciting promo and site tour scheduling, you may contact us at 032-2679546.  You may also text us at 0922-8334561 or email at . What are you waiting for? Call us NOW as the promo is only good until supplies last. ;)

Rains did not stop these kids from playing, why it should stop you from buying ;)

Aspen Heights is a nature-inspired community in Consolacion, Cebu

Aspen Heights subdivision has a amenities like clubhouse and swimming pool were your family can truly enjoy budding moments and meeting new friends.

The subdivision has lots that overlook the island of Mactan., and the towns of Consolacion and Lilo-an.

The gazebo acts as a viewing where you can the spectacular view or watch the sunrise.

Aspen Heights is probably the highest subdivision in Consolacion in terms of elevation. You will not worry about floods here.

Jump for joy! For there is a new exciting promo by Robinsons Homes.

House options are also available. 

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