Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aspen Heights Development Update April 2012

Another month has passed and here is how the Aspen Heights Subdivision looks like a few weeks ago.

Road to Pit-os, Talamban via Tolo-Tolo, Consolacion

Village Marker

Village Signages

Signages up to the new gate

Aspen Heights/ Winfields perimeter fencing

Cleaned drainage

Simba constuction

Aurora + Simba Update

Disney Series Houses

Lights on the multi-purpose court

The Clubhouse

Even the view has changed...SM opening is around the corner

A lot has changed from the last update.   The Simba and Aurora constructions are going along pretty nicely and there are many noticeable differences near the village marker going to the guardhouse. We would like to encourage you to set a site tour as soon as possible so that you can it with your own eyes. You can set your free site tour by emailing us at or texting us at 0922-8334561.

Aspen Heights is middle class development by Robinsons Land Corporation under the Robinsons Homes brand.  This nature inspired subdivision is located at Danlag, Consolacion, Cebu. 



  1. Any update of the swimming pool?

  2. I will post one in my next is practically completed but Robinsons Homes has not decided to put water on it yet. ;)

  3. are the utilities (electric and water) installed and ready for connection?

  4. we would greatly appreciate to see the latest developments on this site.. more developments posted will make it more attractive to the prospective buyers.. salamat! :-)

  5. Hi! I am interested sa ZIRI model po... Is it available na? what are the payment terms?

  6. The Zuri model is by order only for now. Set a site tour with us and we will discuss more about your preferred model and its location. Regards. Email us at

  7. Is it available thru PAG-IBIG financing?

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  9. What is the latest re the road going to the subdivision? Has it been widened and paved already? How about the one leading to Talamban? Is it done? Thanks.