Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 2011 Update: Robinsons Homes starts roadworks and model houses construction

This is the location of the new road to the Aspen Heights lots

The road will be 12 meters and will have a fence to separate Aspen Heights from existing Winfield Subdivision

Block 29 (previously 34) is the location of the 5 model units

This structure will be demolished and an Aurora house model will be built

5 Disney Series model houses will be built in this area

The back part is the main drainage and their will be a cyclone fence at the back portion of the lots along the main drainage
This photos were taken on March 22, 2011.  This blog will post new photos of Aspen Heights Subdivision every 2 weeks.  Robinsons Homes expect a lot of changes and development in the site for the coming months.  It is expected that some people will start building their houses by the end of this year.
Aspen Heights is located between barangays Danlag and Tolo-Tolo in the municipality of Consolacion.  It is the first project in Cebu of Robinsons Homes, one of the four major brands of Robinsons Land Corporation.  Currently, the developer is selling lots and house and lot packages.  You can buy a lot in this up and coming subdivision for as low as 4,800 Pesos a month.  For more details just call us at 032-5821418 or text us at 0922-8334561.  Site tripping schedules are available daily including Sundays and holidays.  Book a site tour now!

To know more about the lot prices just click here
To know more about the House prices please click here

Prices are separate for the house and the lot because there are different lot cuts in the subdivision, the client has the prerogative to pick a bigger lot for the house designs. 

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